Nathan Deremer

CEO of Company
  • Department: Consulting
  • Experience: 10 Years
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  • Phone: 844-633-4747 ext. 101


I started my journey working for Arch Communications and eventually making my way through Skytel Communications, and its parent company, WorldCom. When WorldCom filed bankruptcy in 2002, things changed drastically. A career turned into a nightmare and having to start from scratch became my reality. I was unemployed.
Eventually, I worked for my family at their marketing firm, making that my very first full-time IT position. I loved working for them, their clients and especially the added perk of a non-stop supply of chocolate chip cookies. My mother is a saint as well as a bad influence on my sweet tooth.
After a few years there, I started IT Connect. I literally had no idea how to run a company, at all. I knew I wanted to help people and that every client deserved to be treated with respect.
I have heard so many complaints about how “my current IT vendor treats me like I am a third grader”. I have heard, first hand, how some of the local companies treat these support calls. When a company is afraid to call for help because they don’t want to be treated poorly, it is time to find a new IT company. We are not just a vendor, we partner with you. Your success and ours co-exist. I am pleased to be able to call my clients my friends. It is that core value that has allowed my company to grow. It is easy to manage a network, fix a computer, set up a network, build a website, and more. Its harder when you are exhausted after an 12 hour day and you get a call, it’s late, but its a client and they need your help.
We love helping people. We love finding areas to help them improve their efficiency or save them money. We want to be part of your companies team.
At IT Connect Group, every client is treated as if they were our largest. We don’t care what happens, when it happened, or why it happened. What we care about is maintaining your business and making sure you are able to function at your maximum potential. Partner with us and see why we are different.


Why Us

Every IT company boasts similar capabilities. We all provide software, we all provide remote access, we all offer support. What separates the good IT companies from bad ones is dedication. At IT Connect Group, we offer you a vCIO without the added cost of hiring someone full time to do the same. On average, we save you over 35%.  We value your trust. Contact me directly. I would love to discuss how we can work together.

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